Rubik's Race


Odd. Rubik's Race got featured at Lockergnome, so I'll post the stuff from there here for you to read!

Rubik's Race v1.5.2 [5.4M] W98/2k/XP FREE

{Puzzle game} Rubik's Cube drove me batty back in the '80s. The best I could do was getting the same colors or stripes on one side. I could create a pattern on all sides, but it required having the completed cube first. Rubik's Race displays one side of the cube and you have to race to get the board to look like it. This is similar to those flat puzzle games where one piece is missing and you have to try to get the puzzle to look like a picture. However, unlike those, the Rubik's face only requires getting nine pieces in a 3x3 grid in place out of a 5x5 grid. So it comes with a little less insanity than trying to get a 3x3 grid to look like a 3x3 picture. I like this one far better than those @(*#$ flat grid puzzles that I didn't have the patience to complete. [Meryl]