Rubik's Race







The IP addresses given by the game don’t work!

Go to for failsafe confirmation of your IP address on the internet.

Options menu hangs when I click OK!

This is probably the result of the program being unable to connect to the scores server. Uncheck “upload scores” and you should be fine. Try again later.

Known Network Bugs

Server will sometimes crash unexpectedly.

Server sends “*** Player has won the game” if all players but the server have finished, but the “*** Player has won the game” message doesn’t scroll the chat area.

Server sends “*** has won the game” if all clients leave.


The timer is very innacurate

This is a known problem, and as of yet I have not decided how to go about fixing it. However, your actual time is computed based on start time and end time when you finish, so the time displayed will change to reflect the real time it took you.


Where do I submit bug reports, support requests, etc?

Go to the Rubik’s Race Project Page and submit a tracker item!

When will the skin be finished!!!!!????

I get this one a lot. It will be finished when someone motivates Kepstin to finish it.